David M. Grey

David is the parent of a special needs student and has handled a broad variety of special education matters successfully in due process hearings and on appeal. He has been involved with placement and reimbursements for non-public schools, residential placements and assistive technology, as well as provision of educational services necessary for students with a variety of disabilities, including specific learning disabilities, attention and emotional disorders, cognitive impairment, autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome, seizure disorders and those that are deaf or hard-of-hearing. 

Prior to his special education practice, David represented employees in harassment and discrimination claims as well as real estate and construction disputes where he had numerous jury trials, appeals, arbitrations and administrative hearings. David is a cum laude graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University (1983) and received his J. D. from Hofstra Law School (1986) in New York. He has been licensed to practice law in the state of California since 1986.

David prides himself on keeping a cool head in times of stress, refuses to give up and will file appeals when necessary to get a winning result. David believes that his years of aggressive trial and litigation work translate effectively into dealing with the administrative process that makes up his special education practice. David has written extensively about legal issues and frequently lectures on special education and disability law.

The father of three sons, when not spending time with his family, David is an avid cyclist and enjoys riding his bike in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. 

Barbara L. Grey

Barbara L. Grey, born and raised in New York, moved west to attend University of California at Santa Barbara where she received her B.S. in Mathematical Sciences in 1983. Barbara worked in the banking industry for many years before going to Law School at the University of Southern California, where she graduated in 1989. Barbara took time off from work to start a family and is the mother of three sons. During that time she was very active at school and served as president of the parent association for several years, was a room parent and volunteer on numerous school committees. Her experience at school has given her valuable insight into dealing with teachers, administrators and service providers. Barbara counsels families about special education issues.