Every child is entitled by law to a free, appropriate public education tailored to their unique needs. If your child needs special assistance and isn’t getting it, we can help!

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A message from David M. Grey

I first got involved with special education because of my son. When he was in the second grade my wife and I began to see significant problems with him at school. It was at this point we discovered our son had learning disabilities and first became aware of special education.

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  • IEP Meetings 
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Suspensions, Expulsions and Discipline
  • Due Process Hearings 
  • Special Needs 
  • ADA and Section 504 Claims

The entire IEP process seemed daunting, even though, as an attorney, I was used to jury trials, arbitrations and appeals. I could only imagine how overwhelmed families with no legal training might feel. While my son’s issues worked out well, I began to assist other families. Before I knew it, I had helped many other families through IEP meetings, mediations and due process hearings.

I now practice special education and disability law exclusively. I have written articles and lectured on the topic and developed an emphasis on helping children that are deaf or hard-of-hearing.